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Is this site pretty much dead now? where is everyone?

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Dec 17, 2016 in Doubts by jnijnin (66 points)

I miss everyone lots. 

10 Answers

Ancient_Hippy Dec 17, 2016

I'm here, as I doze off and on while taking my old man nap.

Didge Dec 17, 2016

Sorry, I was away waking up Hippy. We're both back now. 

Ancient_Hippy Didge Dec 17, 2016

Thanks for waking me up Didge. It's almost time to make dinner.

Mountain Man Dec 17, 2016

I hope not Skunky, I just got here. 

Skip Skip Dec 17, 2016

Hi Skunky, I'm here :) 

Rooster Dec 18, 2016

Hi Ya Skunky ! I'm here too ! 


Tiger Paws Dec 18, 2016

I'm here!:)

Marianne Dec 18, 2016

Hello, Skunky - I am here too, but doing several things at a time and still trying to catch up.


Corey The Goofyhawk Dec 18, 2016

I'm here now thanks to Rooster. He told me about the site.

TheOtherTink Dec 21, 2016

I'm here too. :)

Skunky Stinkerson Dec 25, 2016

I do like this site better than most Q&A sites ive tried!! 

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