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Spammers on social media?

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Nov 9 in Internet by Kninjanin (1,815 points)

I agree what Wikipedia says about spammers on social media.

Spammers are numerous on social media. I see them on every social network.

4 Answers

TheOtherTink Nov 9

The wiki article says, "Over 90% of social network users have experienced social spam in some form."

I'm surprised it isn't higher than that, unless the less than 10% who haven't experienced spam only use social networks very rarely, or only use extremely well-moderated sites.

Marianne Nov 9

Yes, indeed; I would also say that the great majority of users have been bothered by social spams, unless they did not notice them ... 

Virginia Nov 9

Hi Kninjanin, I was amazed to read in your link that up to 40% of social network accounts are fake...and that even Facebook admits now that 8.7% of its accounts are fake! 

Rooster Nov 10

Not using what I would call a social network keeps me from being exposed to that spam. The two sites I belong to, have not a bit of spam. But you'll sure see it on blurtit. Only one I've seen so much on.

Kninjanin Rooster Nov 11

The best way to avoid spam is that we do not register on websites where spammers are very active.

Rooster Rooster Nov 11

@Kninjanin : I do my best at that. Very little to none here or at the other site I'm on. None at all on the Gaming Forum!

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