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What Is The Most Creative Marriage Proposal You Have Heard Recently?

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Nov 12 in Family & Relationships by Virginia (4,133 points)

...ima nominate George Orwell's (1903-1950) proposal to Anne Popham; "How would you like to be the widow of a literary man?"

He had lost his wife a couple of years previously, a tragedy where the surgery was supposed to be routine but she died from a reaction to the anesthetic, and he was prolly lonely. Anne Popham turned him down, as did four others until finally Sonia married him just a few months before his death in 1950. Orwell was only 46 years old when he died, but he had a bleeding lesion in his lung from tuberculosis. 

There is speculation that had his success come earlier, he might have been able to afford to take care of himself better, and thus have lived longer...


4 Answers

Kninjanin Nov 12

Scammers have very creative marraige proposals.

Virginia Kninjanin Nov 12

Kninjanin that is amazing! Apparently there is no ploy the scammers will not try?

Rooster Nov 12
Virginia Rooster Nov 12

Oh Rooster, those are GOOD ones...the FB a sign of our times, I guess...

Marianne Nov 12

Lol, Virginia - that sounds rather sad for a marriage proposal.

One of the weirdest I heard of was about a swallowed ring, luckily with a happy end:

But there are much more inspirational proposals, like, for instance, this one, which impressed me greatly:

Virginia Marianne Nov 12

Marianne, those are funny, and kinda strange/bizarre at the same time... :D  <3 ... 

And yes, the Orwell proposal was a sad one. I felt badly she did not accept him, when he was dying and he knew it...

Marianne Marianne Nov 12

Yes, Virginia, such a proposal was too sad. :(

TheOtherTink Nov 12

On top of the Eiffel Tower. :D


Very creative, very beautiful!!! (@ O'Tink...)

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