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The Chinese brand of socialism?

3 Answers

Kninjanin Jan 9

It Is true.

Marianne Jan 9

Yes, of course, but is that really new? History reminds us of the great empires of this world:

Systems, beliefs, traditions and mentalities may differ, but in the end, the ruling and wealthy groups, clans, or corporations in any part of the world show(ed) a very similar behaviour, while caritative, aid, rescue and relief organisations and the solidarity of the populations were/are expected to repair the traumas and damages of wars, destruction and disasters with little means and often dangerous conditions for their employees and volunteers.

And there are also differences regarding what's called the democracy index:

About business and "economy":



All the powerful nations can be considered as oligarchies or plutocracies, basing on some form of capitalism, and China is second, right behind the USA.

Is it "state capitalism" or a form of state capitalism? It looks much like it, as the state is, in most of the cases, controlled by the wealthiest.

Rooster Jan 9

Sure it is! China's great leader will use anything to build power and make the Chinese the number one super power. Kind of scary perhaps. He'll use state capitalism at his will when it suits him to build more power and wealth while the common people suffer for it.

Due to the book I'm reading at present about China's want of expansionism and to restore all her former territories? This falls right into place. Kind of odd in the book of the China Alliance and something we should be watching. China, Iran, Pakistan and North Korea in an alliance against the West.

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