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Did you read "Fire and Fury" & do you think it is true?

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6 days ago in Politics & Government ✌ by Dan (4,859 points)


4 Answers

TheOtherTink 6 days ago

No, I haven't read it, nor am I likely to.  It is about as reliable as the National Enquirer, or other such supermarket tabloids.  :D

Didge 6 days ago

I've read the same excerpts we've all seen but don't feel like spending time on the book. We don't really need Wolff to tell us something we've already gleaned from the constant stream of news stories surrounding this presidency, not to mention the damning tweets that flow every day from Trumps own account.

Of far greater concern is his claim to be a "rational genius". Normal people don't talk like that. Intelligent people don't have to. I don't like Donald Trump--what rational person could?--but I wouldn't wish senile dementia on anybody. Yet what other explanation can there be for somebody who behaves as inappropriately, and as dangerously, as he does?

TheOtherTink Didge 6 days ago

Narcissism, perhaps?

Didge Didge 6 days ago

I think the technical term is "batshit crazy".

TheOtherTink Didge 6 days ago

@ Didge:  One can only marvel at the apparent dissatisfaction of the voters with the Establishments of both major parties to elect a batshit crazy candidate.  :ermm:

Marianne 6 days ago

No, I did not read this book, and, according to what I heard, there seems to be "nothing new under the sun" shining over scandalising and scandalised, deeply split societies, interests and systems:

Rooster 5 days ago

No, I haven't bothered to read it. With all the mud slinging going on by both parties and certain people? What makes Wolff an expert? Like Didge said: We've all heard the crap from different people all over and I sure don't want to waste my time reading more about it.

To me? The alternative wasn't any better or maybe worse. I didn't vote for either and there isn't anything we can do about it now but sit back and watch and listen.

The best thing he has done so far? At least to me, was cut off aid to double dealing Pakistan. It's about time. That money could certainly be used here instead of sending it to a totally corrupt government.

TheOtherTink Rooster 5 days ago

@ Rooster:  since the Supreme Court has become largely politicized in recent decades, it is a good thing that Trump was able to maintain some degree of political balance on the court with the appointment of Gorsuch.

P.S. @ Didge:  Trump isn't the only one in high office to have bragged about his/her intellect, real or imagined. :D

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