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Is God Necessary For Religion?

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Mar 4 in Religion by Virginia (7,565 points)

Again, ima offer a possible answer to this question...see what people think, because I don't think so; I don't think the idea of a supreme being is important to religion. When I am alone now, I DO pray to God, but I think that is my own personal way! I was atheist for thirty years, and that did not seem to make any path of learning and exploration just continued right on...

And even though I now feel close to God, I still revert to atheism very quickly if someone tries to take control of my life "in the name of God"...

What I look for in religion is some sort of reality that can bring me peace; and for instance, this Bushido code of the seven samurai virtues which Rooster showed us has all the basics, imo. I copied this and put it into my meditation room!


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TheOtherTink Mar 4

I think the fundamental question of religion is, do we have any sort of existence beyond our brief lifetimes?

One can of course correctly say that even if we do not, and even if there is no personal god, we should still do our best to be good to our fellow creatures, to treat them as we would wish to be treated.  It makes a difference, however small it may be.


The sonnet is exquisite, Tink!

Thank you, Virginia, you're too kind. 

Rooster Mar 4

I don't really think any god exists to be honest with you. I haven't thought so since Vietnam when I saw all the senseless killing. What kind of a god would allow an 19 year old innocent teen to get get half his leg blown off or killed from an unseen enemy?

After having two JDF soldiers assigned to my unit? I spent all my spare time with them and learned a lot. Those Seven Virtues is the code of life I try to keep as they taught me all of these things. With no god ever mentioned.

Rooster Rooster Mar 5

@Tink: Yes there is an ancient belief of all the gods, Amaterasu mainly but I learned about the spirit of Yamato. That's the true belief.

Dan Mar 4

The main question about, if God created us then who created God?

This seems unanswered.

Most of the things written in the holy books are proven false by science. But people argue in favor of them to keep their religion alive.

But still, we can't say there is no superpower or there is one. Why?

How was the first living form comes into existence? How Big bang happened, warm holes and many things are unexplained.

We are equal to the dust in this universe, we only have knowledge about our Earth and our way of life.

But for most people praying to God gives them strength when no one is there to help them (or) no one can help them.

Also, the people be in a religion (or) converts to a religion because he will get supported by the community.

These all are my understandings.

TheOtherTink Dan Mar 4

One can always ask what caused what.  So, there is either an infinite progression of causes, or an uncaused First Cause.  If we think time itself is finite (i.e., if it began with the Big Bang), then the First Cause that caused the Big Bang must exist outside of time, in some higher dimensions than those apparent to us.

I have heard some materialists say that the laws of physics always existed, they just are.  That would be an example of an uncaused First Cause of everything else that followed.

But the usual question with respect to God or gods is, are these gods personal gods, and do they care about what goes on on Earth?  Quite obviously, the materialists'  "physics god" would not.

Virginia Dan Mar 4

I appreciated your answer, Dan, your thoughtful understandings...

Marianne Mar 4

Dear Virginia, with all these pertinent questions and answers, I can only add that I think that God is not somewhere far away in the sky, but in our heart, as soon as we open it and listen to our real conscience.

Virginia Marianne Mar 4

Marianne, to me that seems like a very useful, very effective approach. I myself use that way, too.

Marianne Marianne Mar 5

Thank you, Virginia, I have been doing a lot of thinking - I am not sure if it is effective ...

Kninjanin Mar 4

Buddhists don't believe in God.I learnt it in school. Some religions have hundreds of gods. I don't believe in God. Every religion has different believes and that means that gods don't exist. No one sees gods and don't know who they are. I know some scientists believe in God. I don't know why. My favorite college professor is very religious. He tells that God is love.

“The first gulp from the glass of natural sciences will turn you into an atheist, but at the bottom of the glass God is waiting for you.”
― Werner Heisenberg 
Virginia Kninjanin Mar 4

Your answer shows a great deal of thought, ty Kninjanin, I appreciate it.

Marianne Kninjanin Mar 5

A very meaningful thought, Think!


Virginia Kninjanin Mar 5

That from Heisenberg is actually a favourite of mine too, Tink. I also like this one from Camus; 

"I don't believe in God, and I am not an atheist."

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