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Are You Goth Or Hippie? (I Loved This)

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Mar 11 in Fun & Humor ☻ by Virginia (5,985 points)

I am the hippie, of course!


2 Answers

Rooster Mar 11

Cool picture. But I would be neither. Had a few altercations with Hippies during my leaves from Vietnam, so can't say as I care much for them, even though they were right at that time. Goth? No thank you! LOL :D

Virginia Rooster Mar 11

Good morning, Rooster!  :)

(And I was not much of a hippie, myself...they got mad at me, too, because I would not conform to their rather narrow non-conformity!)

TheOtherTink Mar 11

Um... definitely not hippie... :angel:



I could never be a hippie, full of drugs and head all trippy;

I prefer a life more zippy, such as Goth provides galore:

Darkling faery queens and kings, or vampire fangs and dragon wings

Would be the sorts of mythic things that all my runic sides adore;

             Fantasy, forevermore.  :)

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