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Have you found anyone who looks like you?

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Apr 21 in Beauty & Style by Dan (5,288 points)

6 Answers

Kninjanin Apr 22


Virginia Apr 22

Remarkable resemblance, Dan!

No I have never found anyone with such a close resemblance to me, although there have been one or two women who made my heart jump because of our resemblance...

...and I notice this video used that wonderful word from German, doppelgänger!

Rooster Apr 22

Not that I know of but people say I look and act like Tommy Chong when I let me hair get long! LOL. But without the!


TheOtherTink Apr 22

But of course :)


HegeMarie Apr 25

No, but that would be fun!

I remember reading about how these two guys, who are not related, happened to be placed next to each other at the plane :D

Relatert bilde

 Not that I'm aware of, how weird would that be.

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