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Ok, Ser.  *hugs*
May 5 by TheOtherTink
The star turns to gold, but my avatar doesn't appear, ven after I refresh the window.
May 5 by TheOtherTink
Ser, for some reason, when I try to follow you by clicking on the star, it doesn't work.  ???
May 5 by TheOtherTink
Thanks for the invite Serenity. Been gone over a month. Don't know how much damn time I would have before I have to leave again but sure as shit, I'll give it a look!
May 1 by Hitman
Hey Serenity! Good to see you! Sorry so late in responding, but when my data is throttled back, it's useless. Going to check out what you said when I get the chance. Take care!  :)
Apr 21 by Mountain Man
Hellio, Serenity,
I am late again - just stumbling behind the group - lol.
Have a nice evening!
Apr 12 by Marianne
Hello there! Got your message and Yes, I've been on ******* this morning and just checked and I got on just fine. I like it there just fine.
Apr 12 by Rooster
Yes, I'm there
Apr 11 by Dan
Hey cupcake yeah I got a bad virus I don't know how to tell what virus it was and my phone still f***** a little bit that was a good idea to think of coming here but this is such a pale site in comparison [email protected] that's my email and case size have problems in the near future if I go back on but my name's Chris I'm sure you know
Apr 9 by Surfcrab
Hi Serenity. I'm still going to join as AM gets kind of boring and I really don't want much to do with the people from blurtit as they've stabbed me in the back. Just some. The farther I am away from them, the better and happier I am. There are only about four blurtit members on AM and they are the good ones. Thank you and you'll see me soon. I look forward to it.
Apr 7 by Rooster


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