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Not knowing,
Want to find out.
Already know,
Don't want to know.


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thank you,... marianne
Apr 15 by Suyanto Tirta
I do not use sodahead. I deleted my Facebook accounts and my Instagram account. I use twitter, tumblr,, blurtit, medium, and some other websites.
Mar 23 by Kninjanin
I know them from Facebook and
Mar 23 by Kninjanin
I am fine. I see that you are from Indonesia. I have some online contacts with the Indonesians. The Indonesians are very nice.
Mar 22 by Kninjanin
And don't forget to say hello to all your friends!
Mar 22 by Marianne
Hello, Suyanto!
Welcome back! I hope that you can find a good link for these news. If you need help for changing the link in your post, Dan will help you.
Mar 22 by Marianne
Hi! My name is Goranko. I live in Serbia.
Mar 21 by Kninjanin
how have I been ?  missing you  lolz I thought you had left us. Are you still on AM IRITE  ?
Mar 16 by Darkest Serenity
lol ... I'm fine and you long period of inactivity Serenity...!!!
Mar 16 by Suyanto Tirta


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  • Not knowing,
    Want to find out.
    Already know,
    Don't want to know.