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Welcome to I've Solved and if you have any doubts about this site then you can ask it here.

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How do you delete an account?
I'm not really sure how this site works and have not seen anything to help a new user navigate the site. How do you follow someone? I see where I can tag a question, but nothing about following someone here. What are the terms and conditions for using this site? I like to make sure that I'm following the rules and such, but I see nothing here that explains it. I like the site so far, but I've only been here about an hour. Also, ditto about seeing answers on my profile. That would be much easier.
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Hi Morgan,
I'll add FAQ and Terms soon. You can view the bellow image for following someone.
I wondered before how to follow someone but now I know thanks by a post here:)

There needs to be some kind of thing, that blocks adult related content. I am an adult, but seen a few things on here that don't want younger people to see.