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Is it mentioned in bible?

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He was not born on December 25th.

The strongest theory today is that the date was chosen to counter the main religious festival of the Romans, the Invincible Sun, which was given on day 24.
No, 24th December. And also we celebrate Christmas here in Sweden the 24th.
24th December but I even heard some people said he is really born in April.
Nobody knows exact when.

Nobody even knows IF.

From a religious point of view it isn't important. It's a ceremonial birth date. I suppose we can be grateful that the fathers of Christianity chose December 25 instead of April 1, even though that would have been far more appropriate. >:-/
No, but it is celebrated then.

Modern astrologers have proven "the star" was a real astronomical event. That along with the timing of "shepherds watch their sheep by night", which they do in spring when the new lambs are born; in most probabitity Jesus was born on April 17.

But it really doesn't matter much, does it?

Some of them were...for example: Jesus Martinez was born on Christmas day in 1922 and died in November of 2003.


I don't think anyone knows of the exact day.


It seems unlikely, but being a Jew he would have used a lunar calendar anyway so his birthday wouldn't fall on the same day on a solar calendar every year.