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Darkest Serenity

My Jokes are too rude for this Site or you delicate petals    hahaha image

BenjiC01 Darkest Serenity
I thank you for protecting my delicate sensibilities :P
TheOtherTink Darkest Serenity
@ Ser:  Lol. that's what Amirite is for.  :-)
BenjiC01 Darkest Serenity
I prefer here. Far better moderation and no anonymous trolls.
TheOtherTink Darkest Serenity
@ Benji:  Yes, I never joined Amirite for that reason, and most of my SH friends who did have left, or at least hardly ever use it.
@ Benji    hahaha    :P
@ Tink   .........Absolutely but my Jokes stay in PM , or James will have me off there so fast , my ass won't touch the ground  XD
TheOtherTink Darkest Serenity
@ Ser:   Lol!
@ Tink  XD

@ Ser:   I heard a funny joke about Bernie Sanders today.

Sanders approaches a hooker on the street and asks to engage her services.

She looks at him disdainfully and says, "Forget about it, old man... you've had it."

Bernie replies, "Oh, I have?  How much do I owe you then?"

Marianne amberleechoo

An excellent one!

There are quite a few hilarious jokes, which I could call my favourites.

There are witted jokes like the quiz for people growing old, some riddles, several parrot and other animal jokes, the driving pope, etc.,

and also some weird cartoons:


Wedding night conversation:
He: Now that we're married I think we should be completely frank with each other.
She: All right.
He: So how many men have slept with you?
She: If you doze off, you'll be the first.
Lol, I heard a variation of that joke, about a Frenchman named Pierre, with a similar punch line.

Not really a favorite, but it's quick....

What did the leper say to the prostitute?

"Keep the tip....."