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Not one that I've hosted, but some that I've attended.


No, but I was at a restaurant where a pregnant girl at our hibachi table threw up all over the griddle. The dancing chunks of throw up sort of ruined the meal.

Didge Ancient_Hippy
I remember that story.
Ancient_Hippy Ancient_Hippy
That's one of my fond memories while on a date with my ex-wife.

Nah. I'm an unsociable old geezer and have spent my life avoiding dinner parties either as host or guest. I should think anybody who made a nuisance of themselves at dinner would very quickly run out of invitations.


No never happened in our family before.


Not yet!


No, because I make it a point to NOT host dinner parties.  This is my house.  Please to stay out of it.

Not that I've hosted and not private affairs.

Usually just dining in a restaurant.


My hubby did because he is a rude and ignorant man..

Never hosted a party (assuming I know, what you mean by that) so no.