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Have you ever fell for a computer scam?

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Dec 26, 2015 in Computer Networking by Skunky Stinkerson (3,494 points)
whether it was a fake security program or one of those fake microsoft tech support calls, or even  scammed on a shopping site.

17 Answers

Didge Dec 27, 2015
Nah. I'm a suspicious old bugger. But I used to teach a creative writing course for seniors and probably answered as many questions about computing and the Internet as i did about writing. One day, one of my students rang and asked about a scam. I explained it to her and warned her not to send them any money, but she sent it anyway "just to be safe".
Dec 27, 2015
No my mama didn't raise no fool
Dec 29, 2015
Just once. I was on an opinion site for 7 years or so and mistakenly thought they cared about the rest of the users and myself.
MidnightCowboy Jan 7, 2016

I admit that I have fallen for some but thank goodness no money was involved.

Kninjanin Mar 3, 2017

No. The scammers are sery active on Web.

Kninjanin Aug 5


TheOtherTink Aug 5

Fortunately, no.

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