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Sports Illustrated comes in a distant second as far as I'm concerned. 


 Российские модели выглядят лучше в меха




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Maladetz. Etto horosho.


It's a good thing the Russian models seem to know a good taxidermist.   :)

Freeranger TheOtherTink

for the record, I believe that bear is "live".

TheOtherTink TheOtherTink

Well, for one thing, I kinda doubt that it's the same bear in both pics.  The fur markings seem to be different, and the head of the bottom bear seems considerably larger than that of the top bear, when compared to the models' heads.

But I'm willing to be convinced otherwise.  What makes you believe the bears are alive?

Freeranger TheOtherTink

I have no doubts.

Fur markings? I have no idea what you're talking about.  As a life long hunter, I see no alternating patterns on this bear.

[sigh] Anyway, for all the doubters that this is a live bear?

That aside......

TheOtherTink TheOtherTink

Lol, ok, I'm convinced.  :)

One more question: why didn't you post the YouTube clip in the first place?  :)

Freeranger TheOtherTink

Pretty simple.....until you, no one doubted its, or my, veracity.

TheOtherTink TheOtherTink

Gee, there was only one poster before me, at least on this thread here.  Not exactly a crowd. :)

And, given the large number of faked still pics on the internet, my doubts, though wrong in this case, were not unreasonable. :)


You know, It's Russia. It's common there


Freeranger HegeMarie

So......this is how Vlad fishes for Salmon.  Giddyup!


I know more about Russian chess players than Russian models. This is grandmaster (no, not grandmistress) Alexandra Kosteniuk. She's a bear over the chessboard but she doesn't mind baring it from time to time.


Freeranger Didge

With a last name like Kosteniuk.....she was bound to become a contender.....

Interesting points Didge...but I firmly believe any bear can be defeated.

Didge Didge

That's clever. We had that ad in Oz, too. :)

Freeranger Didge

What are you talking about?

Ad?......that's freakin' real man.  You've been drinkin' too much Fosters. 8-)


Do they? I don't look at them, so I don't know..