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Ali T. Cat

Have an honest special counsel appointed to prosecute Hillary for mishandling of Top Secret information.



I would rescind EVERY Executive Order made by Obama

I would get the United States OUT of the United Nations

I would defund the Department of Education and let the States take charge of the Education of our children.

I would disband the EPA.  

And that's just the first hour.


I would give every U.S. citizen a check for one million dollars to help boost the economy.

That would cost about 300 trillion dollars, or about 15 times the current national debt.

By Executive Order add an Amendment to the Constitution stating that NO elected position in the United States will run for more than 2 (two) terms or 8 years total. (And no, you can't run two terms, skip a term, then run again)


Defunding Planned Parenthood. Taxpayers should not be forced to fund abortions.

I am not from the USA, but I agree. I am against abortions as well.


I have no desire to president for 1 hour, let alone a day...

That will never happen, as I am from Canada. If that did happen, I would be honest to the people and to be a peacemaker. 

Get Rid of all the world leaders