What age did you get married or think you will marry?

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what age did you marry or what age do you think you will marry by....

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41071 Mar 8, 2016
I married on the 11th October 1981 when I was 27 year old
HegeMarie Mar 8, 2016

I never intend to marry

Deadcutie1994 Apr 30, 2016

I married my master, his wife, and my best friend Amanda at 15.

We added my sister Tara to the family when I was 19  

You can argue they are not legitimate or legal marrages, and by law they are not regognized by the state, but I accept them as marriages and we all have bound ourselves to eachother, and that frankly is all that matters.. The rest is between us as a family and God.


36 but it wasn’t ment to last

Kninjanin Jul 10

I don't know. It is hard to find a good woman. Many women don't want children and want money, make-up, voyaging, concerts... I would like to meet a girl from Asia or Africa. I contact some girls on Internet.

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