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It may be early for some but more and more people are putting plans in position for their later years..have you..

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I'm already retired and had a great investment plan for my retirement. I'm living very comfortably now. The worst thing a person can do is just depend on living on social security, it's just not enough.
Platinum Ancient_Hippy
Being comfortable in retirement is a must ...I bought and sold houses to add to my pension and now I'm far from rich, but very comfortable and happy...
Ancient_Hippy Ancient_Hippy
You're absolutely right Platinum, no one wants to struggle in retirement. I sold my construction company which added to my fund.
When I sold my shop and retired, it set me up for the rest of my life to live comfortable and buy what I need. I built that little shop up into a big money making place and I sold it for good money. I get Social Security Disability but rarely remember to add it to my check book. I love being retired !
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Well done Rooster, I love hear people doing well, it is nice having to think which day it is..
Rooster Rooster
I'll admit, I do forget all the time ! LOL
Well itΒ΄s still a long time until I will start planning.
Platinum amberleechoo
Thank Amber...but don't leave it too long ...time goes quickly...
Does a Powerball ticket count?
What's one of those...
lottery ticket
I'm still waiting ...it's been 22 years since it started
"You can't win if you don't play!"

I have everything planned.