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I am Ex Soda Head.com, so that why i am asking? 

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No, not really.  There are a number of ex-sodaheads here, but most of them aren't active, having stopped posting shortly after they arrived. :(



Doesn't seem nearly as active, I think people just got off the rage-addiction that kept SodaHead alive and never got hooked again.

Obama Failed America Razoreye
Thank.s ans yes i saw that here, ans we can both recall just how fast paced , Soda Head was, the more friend you add , the more asked question you got and you spend so much time delete them and all group's you were asked to join but the debate were fun at time , when you get up to 1000 comment on your question's or more, it has fun
Razoreye Razoreye

Yeah, I remember butting heads with you a lot.

This is a new website. Many of us have never use SodaHead.