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What is the actual difference between the Demon, Devil, Ghost, Spirit, Poltergeists, Vampire and Zombies? In what ways they differ from each other. Which one will you rather face and which is more dangerous. Have you ever seen a one and do you believe in it or not.image

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Demon can come inside humans bodies and control them. The devil comes from the hell and is the opponent of god mostly. ghost is just a soul without a body who canΒ΄t hurt anyone. I think spirits can hurt people though. And poltergeists can hurt too since they can move around and throw things and more. vampires are just dead blood sucking creatures and zombies just dead living people with just the shell left and has no emotions. I rather face a ghost, I will still be scared though:blush:

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You're safe from all of them if you have a fairy to protect you, Amber.