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Fuzzy Corona
God does exist.

God is good.
God is love and justice.

God created the devil as an angel.
But he rebelled.
Gowthami Steven
If it means why he give that thinking to angel.
The burden of proof for the delusional claim of the existence of spirits, gods & fairies is with the claimant. I am still waiting on anyone with any proof to show me but I have been waiting for that for most of my life.

No, the Burden of proof lies with you. What do I care if you believe it or not? I'm not responsible for your relationship with God, YOU ARE!!!! And you will be held accountable for your choices. Not me..

Yes, yes, Lucifer is Satan. God created Lucifer (an angel). It was Lucifer who chose to fight with God, not the other way around. (I suggest Milton's Paradise Lost for a better explanation.)