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Younger than 25 4 votes, 40%
25-29 years old 3 votes, 30%
30-35 years old 2 votes, 20%
36-39 years old 0 votes
40-44 years old 0 votes
45 or older 1 vote, 10%

10 Answers

Younger than 25
I had my first one when I was 21 then 23, 25, and 38 .....don't regret any of them....all great kids...
25-29 years old
I think I want kids in my late 20´s.
Younger than 25
My first one was born when I was 23, second at 26 and I adopted 2 more when I was 36 years old.
30-35 years old
If you want several children I think early 30's is a good time to aim to have your first child.
Younger than 25
I was 21.
I was 23 and Mrs Didge was 20. A couple of years later we had a second. By the time #5 came along she was 33 and I was 36. That's when she took to me with a pair of blunt shears, so no more little Didges.

They were all boys and the doctor who delivered the last one said, "This isn't a family: you've founded a dynasty." He was probably right, for at last count they had produced six grand kids and they have so far produced another five great grand kids.

And all because Eve ate that pesky apple. >:-/
25-29 years old

I would like to have had some kids when my children were younger, but the zoning regulations where I lived wouldn't allow baby goats or any other livestock.   :>(

Didge Bruno56
Excellent point. :)
Bruno56 Bruno56
Never, ever. Thank you any way.
30-35 years old

 I have my first kid when I'm 29 and the other one when I was 33

Younger than 25

I had my first when I was 20 and my second when I was 22