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Ransomware virus has spread on more than 74 countries worldwide, with at least 57,000 reported users including UK’s National Health Service (NHS), FedEx and Telefonica. The virus was created from the tool stolen from the National Security Agency (which is used for America's surveillance programs). Microsoft already know about it and it allowed NSA for spying but few months ago it was hacked by a group called Shadow Brokers and they posted a cache of hacking tools online. If the virus get into your system then it will lock down your pc until you pay the money mentioned in it. (Edit: It's over 100 countries now)image

Germany's Deutsche Bahn railways 'affected by virus'


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Yes, I've heard of this by my Tech guru and I have all my important info filed into an external hard drive and Dropbox. Plus there are now many different ways to remove depending on your OS. There are ways to deal with it but they are time consuming and quite a bit of work.

Dan Rooster

It is not only the problem of PC users but also a problem for the websites running on Windows but most websites runs only on Linux.


Like Rooster said, back up your important files somewhere that the virus can't get at them.


Dan, I just saw on BBC news that someone has " somewhat accidentally" found a kill switch in the Ransomware code; doesn't cure the damage, but does stop the spread!

'Although his discovery did not repair the damage done by the ransomware, it did stop it spreading to new computers, and he has been hailed an "accidental hero".'


* Oh, oh...late edit - the end of this article points out that there will certainly now be copycats of this malware coming out, eliminating the kill switch...

Marianne Virginia


Ouch - I saw that coming.


TheOtherTink Virginia

@ Virginia,

What is needed is for Wikileaks to leak the app that unlocks your pc.

Virginia Virginia

Oh that is SO brilliant idea, O'Tink!

Marianne Virginia

Lol - a bright idea, T(h)ink and Virginia.


Skunky Stinkerson

I heard about it, and it's scary how far computer criminals have come.  i don't exactly have to worry about it since i have a chromebook.

Rooster Skunky Stinkerson

SKUNKY!!!!!! You might get skunkerware though! :D

Virginia Skunky Stinkerson

Hey Skunky's in town, hurrah!