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Another SOS:

Dear Dan, dear Friends,

A very dear, common friend has again connection problems on "ihavesolved"; there might be problems with the browser, and I found this info:


Did anybody else experience this problem?

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I looked that up and went through it and found no problems. I haven't had any problems with the site since I started typing in www.ihavesolved.com. Every since I added the www back? It's been fine for me.

I generally use Google Chrome and it had a major update yesterday and everything was fine afterwards.

If I remember right? She's on an Apple device and it may work different.

Marianne Rooster

Thank you, Rooster; after having asked Dan and Virginia, it is most certainly the Apple device, which works differently; now things seem to be o.k. again, as I learnt this early afternoon (our time).

I am just back from an afternoon out.


Rooster Rooster

@Marianne : I'm glad to hear that and I figured as much with her old Apple there. Glad it's all fixed. :)

Marianne Rooster


Me too, at least I hope so - lol.