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If you have free time, if you want to learn something new or if you want to earn additional revenue then you should try 'Skillshare.com'. It has thousands of lessons about how to use various softwares. Such as Animation creation, Game Creating, Video Editing, Cartoon Characters Creation, GIFs Creation and so on.

Many of the classes are fun. You could earn even more than your regular job with those skills. Example: Animated Infographic videos get a lot of views on Youtube and you can earn from it.

I signed up an account on Skillshare a month ago through an affiliate link which gives me 3 months free trial. It ends on next month. But I'm a little bit busy to use it. If you want, I can give you my account and you can use it or you can create an account, which will be 1-month free trial.

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Sounds like fun. :)



That sounds really interesting, but I am still running behind time.


Dear Dan,

The one skill I have looked into is posting videos on YouTube...I ALWAYS have a lot to say about life and everything! However, I have decided my old equipment just cannot handle it...I could not produce the kind of quality I would want!


Hey Dan! I've been working on graphics and coding for PC games for years now and it's a big company that has it's own creation site we use to learn certain game making processes. Right now though, I've been stuck making patches and updates to fix bugs and expand some game scenarios. I don't need the money, so I do it for free but anyone who is interested in learning to do those things would make a good choice with Skillshare as I have used it and think it's pretty good and it is fun. I really enjoy what I do. Thanks for sharing!