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Someone who is tired of all the drama mailed me yesterday and sent a copy of Hippy and Jann talking crap about Didge and I. Been close to a year now since I was even on there and I guess I just don't understand some people. Hippy with his giant ego and Jann with her stupidity.

I haven't had that good a laugh in a long time.

What is wrong with people?

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I do not visit Blurtit anymore. I do not understand why they complain about you.

Rooster Kninjanin

I don't blame you for not going there. All I hear is complaints! People that haven't spoken a word to me since I left but now they blame everything on me.


I see no reason for it, unless you did things like a certain cowpoke did here, and I'm sure neither you nor Didge did.

Rooster TheOtherTink

@Tink : Geez, all I ever tried to do was help people. I guess sometimes people need a scapegoat to feel better about themselves.


How can people hack on Didge and you?

As you know, I am not using blurtit ...

By the way, how is Didge doing?

Rooster Marianne

@Marianne: Last I talked to him? He was doing OK. I didn't say anything to him about this as I didn't want to upset him. Such a great man!

Marianne Marianne

Thank you, Rooster.

I am glad that he is fine. He could tell me the exact point from where I took a picture of Sydney.



Rooster, you know that old saying about how some people need to "get a life"...?

Rooster Virginia

@Virginia : That couldn't be more true! Guess some people just don't have anything better to do than complain about others. Tis a shame.

Darkest Serenity

Don't give them the Oxygen they need , if they think you care then they have Won my Friend and as you know I speak from experience. ;).

Marianne Darkest Serenity

Good to see you here, Serenity, and well said. :)<3

hi ya  M :)<3

Rooster was a good mod on Blurtit but just like me there will be some who will shoot him down.

I used to respond and defend myself against BS said about me , now I just can't even be asked and more importantly 

I don't feel I need to. :D he'll get to that point eventually.

Rooster Darkest Serenity

@Serenity: I'm getting there! LOL. Petty people with petty issues just have to find someone to blame for stuff, I guess.

hehehe  ;)

Rooster Darkest Serenity

:D :D :D

I will say one thing though Rooster 

If these People know Didge to be poorly right now as you told me , then they should be ashamed of themselves for causing him any undue Stress right now. 

My Prayers go out to the Ole Devil Didge 

I miss him 

Rooster Darkest Serenity

@Serenity: They should be ashamed of themselves about Didge. He's a good man and was always a good friend.

Marianne Darkest Serenity

Yes, Serenity, I can only tell positive things about Rooster and Didge, and I don't like to see my friends hurt.


Me neither M :)<3
Marianne Darkest Serenity

Thank you, Serenity. :)<3