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Do you know Christianity entered India before Norway, Sweden, Finland? Islam entered India before Pakistan.

  • Christianity arrived India in AD 52.
  • Islam arrived India in 7th century CE.
  • Judaism arrived India in  562 BC.

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Yes, the tradition of St. Thomas in India is an ancient one.



Hi Dan, yes I did know that; the arrival of St. Thomas in India, one of the original twelve disciples. And isn't it true that even today there is an enclave of Christians who trace their heritage back to St. Thomas? (Although I did not know the exact date of 52 A.D., I did know it was St. Thomas who brought Christianity to India.)

I also give much credibility to the idea that Yeshua ben Joseph himself may have traveled to India in his twenties, and received his spiritual training from great saints there. I think that is VERY likely.


I did not know.


Like Kninianin? I didn't know this either. Then again, I'm not much for religion and don't study much about it. Sorry, just being honest.


Well, I am arriving too late; so, I will just add a link (Wikipedia) about a famous apostle, Thomas, resp.  "Doubting Thomas", said to have brought Christianism to India and from where he started, allegedly: