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Here is a high school from which EVERY student was admitted to a college of some kind, despite many of its graduates having skipped very many classes, and some not being able to read.  Sham education at both the high school and college levels.


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T(h)ink, I am afraid that this is only the tip of a huge iceberg.


TheOtherTink Marianne

Right you are, Marianne.  :(

Marianne Marianne

I am just feeling like you, T(h)ink, and also formerly, education was often abusive - and things did not change much.

Many old and more recent scandals are waiting to be unveiled.


I agree with Marianne! I'm sure there are many more and many more to come. My opinion of most of today's school teachers isn't very good as I talk to some neighbor kids here and there and am surprised at the things they aren't taught. Today's class: The best way to get the most from your smart phone. Watch this film while I go for a break. This is only going to spread and become worse.

TheOtherTink Rooster

Schools in many cases have become crap, Rooster, especially inner-city schools, where pretense at education is the most widespread.  It's not all the teachers' fault; the parents don't give a damn either.