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Kim origins

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Dec 7, 2017 in Education ✍ by Kninjanin (3,583 points)

I found an article about Kim origins.

I think that it is hard to find a relationship between Kims and Atilla and Gengis khan. I don't know how authors could find a relationship between Kims and Atilla, Gengis and Timur. 

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TheOtherTink Dec 7, 2017

I find these connections unlikely.

A Korean friend of mine told me that "Kim" means 'gold' in the Korean language, which may be a reason for its popularity.

Does that mean the Kims are descendants of the Golden Horde in Russia? I don't think so. :ermm:

Rooster Dec 8, 2017

Sounds like a bunch more of his bull! Maybe that's more what HE thinks of himself rather than reality.

Marianne Dec 8, 2017

I think that there are various origins to Kim or kim, as it may be a word in several languages, a name, surname, nickname or short name, an abbreviation or acronym.

As far as I heard, in Sino-Vietnamese, the name "Kim or kim" referred to gold.

and a geographical name, for instance:

Some acronyms:

Virginia Dec 10, 2017

Hi Kninjanin,

Yes I agree with your assessment...a rather dubious attempt at connection.

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