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Quora is a Q&A website. I use it for blogging, asking questions and answering. You can create your own blogs on Quora.

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Yep, I've been active there since about the end of July.

It's a pretty good site and, even though there have been answers that said otherwise, there's a lot of humour. I wouldn't have lasted long without it.

The downside to Quora is that much of the moderation is done by bots and not people. I was happily answering questions for about five months totally unaware that some of my answers were being collapsed. (There was no advice.) I learned a couple of days ago that 15% of my answers (422 individual posts) had gone down the gurgler. It didn't leave a good aftertaste.

But it's an excellent site with an amazing range of contributors ranging from highly qualified to ordinary people like the rest of us. Nobody knows how many members there are but it's believed to be in the millions. I do know that for two consecutive months this year the number of individual visitors to the site exceeded 200,000,000. Unbelievable? A little time there will persuade you that it's true.

So I've been absent from Solved for too long. Thank you, Virginia reminding me. 

Kninjanin Didge

Answers are very useful and professional. Many users are experts.

My blog posts get thousands of views.

Didge Didge

My Quora blog hasn't had many views -- double or triple figures -- although I've done nothing to promote it. My answers, on the other hand, have had 2 million page views in five months. I'm not sure how pertinent that is because many of those 'views' will merely be somebody clicking onto the page during a Google search then clicking off again. It's not the same as 2 million reads. Still, Quora seems to regard such things as a measuring stick.

I'm glad your blog is doing so well, Kninjanin.

Here's a link to my blog if anybody is interested: https://bunyipcountry.quora.com/

Kninjanin Didge

I added my posts to topics. My blog is https://gorankoilic.quora.com/.

Virginia Didge

Didge, I did go to your Quora blog and enjoyed it VERY much...even or maybe especially the ones you have transferred over from Blurt so forth...and I am glad now to know for sure who to blame for all my problems with capitalism and the world in general! 

But I am concerned to know if your butterflies are entangled properly? In other words, does all this happen instantaneously or do we get a delay/respite between cause and effect? ;)


Didge Didge

He's been reading my mail. My personal butterfly is a particularly unpredictable beastie. I'd rather not let him (her?) out at all but I don't have much control.

Which brings us to a question I never considered: how the heck do you tell the sex of a butterfly?

TheOtherTink Didge

@ Didge:  for monarch butterflies at least, it is not too difficult, but for some species, you might have to look in their genes. :)


Didge Didge
@Tink: In the early days of movie making a sound effects department needed cricket sounds for a country scene. So they collected hundreds of crickets, put them all together, and there wasn't a single chirp[ from the lot of them. So they called the local university (probably UCLA) and spoke to the appropriate expert who told them that chirping was a mating call and they only chirped when they were looking for a mate. "Separate the males from the females," he advised.
No problem. They got hundreds of boxes and put one cricket in each. Instant success.
American ingenuity at its finest. :)
TheOtherTink Didge
@ Didge:

Lol, that certainly obviated the need to distinguish the genders. :D

But I'm curious as to how they caught hundreds of crickets in the first place.  It's hard enough to find even the one that occasionally gets into our house, even though he's chirping like mad; he stops if you get too close. :D :D


Sometimes, I looked into some comments, but I did not use it actively.

It seems to be interesting.

Kninjanin Marianne

I found Quora when I was searching something about scammers. I found answers and I liked it. I am not very active user.

Marianne Marianne

Weird, I also looked into quora regarding scams and hoaxes.



I used it once a few years back but left after a while. Seemed a little dry and humorless to me. I like to joke around and laugh too much for that site but it is a no nonsense quality site.

Kninjanin Rooster

Quorans are serious.

Rooster Rooster

@Kninjanin : That's why I didn't care much for it. No humor! 


Sometimes, but I'm not a member.

The information there is quite good.


It looks like there are more Indians in Quora.


Hi Kninjanin,

I signed up a while back, but ended up deleting my membership...I spent a couple of hours, but when I went back something like 40% of my answers had been collapsed. I often give thought and research to my answers, so that was discouraging for me.

I have been thinking I might sign up again, however, and go there only when I have a serious question that can use lots of diverse answers...  :(  :wassat:  :angry:  :blink:  ...for me, it wasn't really a place to have fun!

Didge Virginia

We miss you, Virginia. Your departure was very much Quora's loss.

Virginia Virginia

Didge, that is very sweet of you...but our modern dilemma? Quora with its bots was, for at least 2 months, drawing 200 million discrete visitors per month...that would be almost impossible to moderate using Real Humans!

So, the dicey A-I moderation is worth the compromise for those millions...and the few folks like me who rebel, we are not even noticed, much less missed! If we want to participate, we pay the dues of a computer imposing its mindlessly absurd mentality over us...am I the only one who feels uneasy? (Rhetorical...I already know I am not...:'(  :D)     

Didge Virginia

You won't be missed by the bots but you are most certainly missed by those of us who know you, few though we be in comparison.

Fuzzy Corona

I feel like I'm simultaneously too smart and not smart enough for that site