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I feel nervous about this...it's not what I would choose for appreciating our military...

'Presidential historians told The Washington Post that a parade “smacks of something you see in a totalitarian country” '...



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Fuzzy Corona

I think most soldiers would appreciate something like "doing something about all the homeless veterans out there" a lot more


It's not what I would choose either to appreciate our military. Cleaning up the V.A. and helping our returning soldiers more would be much more appreciated. I personally think the days of those parades faded away after the Cold War, with the exception of North Korea. I would not want this country to be seen like them. I would have to say NO! Take care of the people in our military past and present would be much better and much more appreciated.


Virginia Rooster

That's the first thing I thought of Rooster...the millions of dollars for this parade, spend it giving good care and benefits to returning veterans. Too many of my friends from Vietnam, just ruthlessly ignored by the VA.

Virginia Marianne

The Guardian I can open, Marianne, and I notice it does contain a quote from a US general...

Marianne Marianne

Indeed Virginia ...


On Tuesday retired general Paul Eaton, senior adviser to VoteVets, a progressive political action committee for military veterans, said: “Donald Trump has continually shown himself to have authoritarian tendencies, and this is just another worrisome example.”


No, I don't favor this idea either, although not for the reasons editorialized in the Washington Post, for example, where the writer explains to us why Trump's idea of a military parade is not like France's Bastille Day parade.


"Rather than sending a message of aggression, French leaders have used their annual parade to also set a pacifist agenda."

Really?  A military parade sets a pacifist agenda...?  If I recall my history, the French Revolution was not marked by pacifism, nor was the Napoleonic era that followed.  It is quite clear that this opinion piece writer is motivated more by disdain for Trump than by any historical facts.

Virginia TheOtherTink

O'Tink, the Post is a website I cannot open, but yes I also am seeing that many opinion pieces (as well as supposed reporting) are biased against Trump. I don't like Trump, :sick:  but still have hopes he could just back us into something that works out anyway...

Marianne TheOtherTink

Very well said, T(h)ink!

TheOtherTink TheOtherTink

Thank you, Marianne.  :)

Marianne TheOtherTink

You're welcome, T(h)ink.

Kninjanin TheOtherTink

Military parades are not made by leaders who want piece. 

dru tiger

No, it will cost millions and it proves nothing. Most military officials are against this.If Trump wants a military parade he can pay for it himself.