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The Genetics of the Horn of Africa, Sudan and Sahel?

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Feb 11 in Education ✍ by Kninjanin (3,583 points)

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Marianne Feb 12

An excellent presentation on an interesting subject.

Lately, I watched some documentation about history, archaelogy and civilisations in South Africa, namely:

and, further:

TheOtherTink Feb 11

A very complex topic.

And who knows?  Some of them may be descendants of the Queen of Sheba.


Rooster TheOtherTink Feb 12

@Tink: You may just be right! 

The Queen of Sheba is a Biblical and Quranic figure. The tale of her visit to King Solomon has undergone extensive Jewish, Islamic, and Ethiopian elaborations, and has become the subject of one of the most widespread and fertile cycles of legends in the Orient.

Rooster Feb 12

Very interesting subject matter! Also like Tink says, very complex also.

Very good post Kninjanin!

Virginia Feb 13

Hi Kninjanin,

I watched the whole video, and yes; the diversity and interconnection of our human family is immensely fascinating!

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