How Deep Is Your Faith ?

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Feb 27 in Fun & Humor ☻ by Marianne (18,487 points)
The Combination

The temporary Sunday School teacher was struggling to open a combination lock on the supply cabinet.

She had been told the combination, but couldn't quite remember it.

Finally she went to the pastor's study and asked for help.

The pastor came into the room and began to turn the dial. After the first two numbers he paused and stared blankly for a moment. Finally he looked serenely heavenward and his lips moved silently.

Then he looked back at the lock, and quickly turned to the final number, and opened the lock.

The teacher was amazed. "I'm in awe at your faith, pastor," she said.

"It's really nothing," he answered. "The number is on a piece of tape on the ceiling."



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Rooster Feb 27

Thanks for the early morning laugh! LOL. :D :D :D :D

Marianne Rooster Feb 27

Lol you're welcome, Rooster.


TheOtherTink Feb 28

True story:

When I was about 5 years old in a Sunday school class, one of the children noticed a reflection of the overhead electric light in a window.  The reflection appeared to be floating in the sky.

"What's that in the sky?" asked the child.

"Oh, that's a light from heaven," said the teacher.

"It is not," I thought to myself, "it's just a reflection," but even at that age, I knew enough not to make trouble by contradicting the teacher.

At the end of the class, I lingered long enough to note that when the teacher turned off the overhead light, the "light from heaven" simultaneously went out.  :angel: :) :D

Lol, T(h)ink, that is weird, also on our side, quite a few myths and legends were not debunked by teachers or parents, we found out by ourselves, especially, when one of the kids recognised an uncle or grandpa behind his Saint Nicolas costume.

And we played the game of "naive believers", shrieking, giggling and running around, when the bogeyman was "threatening" us with the rod and his big bag - lol.


Virginia Feb 28

Well Marianne, I thought I had awakened to a real live miracle this morning, until I got to the punch line! :silly: 

Marianne Virginia Mar 1

Lol, Virginia, that is the problem with paraprosdokian stories.


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