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The first two were good in their day but this last one I saw the other night was horrible. I couldn't believe Ridley Scott's name was all over it. Time to put "Alien" to rest for good! 


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I guess, "Alien: Covenant" is a different series of story. I forgot the plot. They can continue with the old one. I like 'Predator' movies more than the Alien movies.

Rooster Dan

@ Dan : I also like the "Predator" movies much better.

Plot? I never figured out the plot.


They'll stop making them when they lose enough money.

Dan TheOtherTink

They release a new movie only once 5 years. I guess people will watch it somehow and they will make enough money.


They will quit when people are not interested in their movies.


Rooster, I watched the first one (I just checked and that was 1979!), and have not watched any of them since then...I did not even know they still were putting more sequels out...


Lol, no, I did not see this last one. 

As far as I remember, I saw the first two of this series. 

TheOtherTink Marianne

Marianne!   Welcome back!!!   :) :) :)