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I use several messagong apps. I use Viber, WhatsApp and Hangouts to communicate with people I know. I added people I know via their phone number or Google IDs on Hangouts. I use Line to share my photos and videos, but I have only two contacts on Line. I also need to know someone’s phone number to add him/her on Line. There are some problems on messaging apps. I found many fake accounts on Tango (I can search users without knowing their phone numbers). Some of them are scammers and others want online sex. It is hard to find someone who is not fake on Tango. Iwas chatting with a girl who I found on futurenet.club on WhatsApp I saw her phone number. I added her phone number in my contacts and started to chat with her. She suddenly deleted information from her profile. I started to chat with many people on messaging apps and after a few messages they stopped communicating with me. We represent ourselves and then we stop chatting.

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I only use Skype is all. I use to keep in touch with the people I work with from England,Portugal, Belgium and Norway. I also use it to stay in contact with a couple of lady friends whom are good friends. But I do get Skype requests sometimes from girls half my age and of course with big boobs. I always block those off. Skype doesn't need any phone numbers and it's quite useful. Especially the IM part. Which is all I use.

I've heard of the three that first mentioned but really have no desire to use them. mainly because of the reasons you listed.

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Girls with big boobs and sexy look are fake persons. They are scammers and many of them want to sext. They download photos from famous ladies.


I don't use them, they provide too many opportunities for fraudsters.


Hi Kninjanin, I have used only Skype, and only when I was in Iowa, to keep in touch with a friend back in the Pacific Northwest...

Truthfully? Mostly I keep in touch with friends through e-mail! Fast and simple...although since I am old, not all my friends even have e-mail and for them, we use the old-fashioned telephone!  :)  :silly:  :O