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Wanda. an overworked housewife, always looked forward to the early afternoon, about 2 pm... her chores were done, her husband and kids weren't home yet, and she relished the opportunity for some alone time, if you get my drift.

She had just settled down with a new toy that had arrived that day in a plain, unmarked package, when she was startled to hear the front door opening. Wanda hastily put away the toy, threw on a robe and called downstairs, "Who's there?"

"It's me, dear," replied her husband.

"What are you doing home so early? Are you ill?" she asked.

"Bad news at the plant," he replied. "I've been laid off. My job's been taken over by a machine."

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Aw, he's on his way to being a Stepford Husband!


Wouldn't ya just know it? LOL. Damn machines! :D :D:D


TheOtherTink Rooster

It would seem that her private parts need some work yet, Rooster.  :blush: :ermm: :) :D

Rooster Rooster

She gets em! :D


TheOtherTink Rooster

And well-defended, I see.  :D

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@Tink: Hey, it's Westworld! LOL :D:D:D

TheOtherTink Rooster

:D :D :D