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A serious scientific paper speculates that octopuses may have come from outer space.  :ermm:


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Maybe, aliens visit Earth but they are not seen. 


I read some about this yesterday. It's highly possible that some type of alien life form crashed in to the oceans millions of years ago and spawned some of these creatures. Wish I could remember the book I read pertaining to this but can't right off hand.

A movie from a few years back called : Mission to Mars had a good explanation of aliens "seeding" Earth with basic microbes that later grew into present day life. A good possibility.

We haven't barely even touched on exploring the deep seas as much as we have explored outer space. So much yet to learn from our own planet yet. Explore the deep depths and I think we'll find many more "alien" type species.

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I've always thought it was highly unlikely that life started somewhere else in space and then "seeded" the Earth.  It would have had to survive for thousands or millions of years of constant cosmic radiation while making the trip. I think it's much more likely that the simple organic compounds that are found in space fell to Earth and then took part in the 'soup' in which llfe began right here.

That's not to say that life did not start in other places as well, just that the transfer would be highly unlikely.

For example, if life transfer were relatively easy, we should have found traces of earthly life, or its remains, on the Moon.  There were hundreds of millions of years over which the transfer could have occurred, if it were possible.


Then again, it's possible that they have been coming here for over a thousand years and they only use us and want no interaction.


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Well ok, Rooster, maybe they want no interaction, but what would they use us for?

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@Tink: Like the movies, they come here to hunt us for sport!

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But Rooster, that's interaction of a very grisly kind!  :O


Hi Tink, if I were to guess I would speculate that extra-terrestrial life has indeed been here...it's just not very interesting nor something I find helpful to pursue. At this point we cannot do much more than hypothesize. I think the extra-terrestrial life might exist on another dimension, not readily detectible by our five senses or our instruments.

As for the octopi, well ho-hum...this article does seem to have withstood some peer review...here is a copy-and-paste...so I say yay octopods.

"The paper is intended to be provocative. That said, it did withstand a year of intense peer-review before publication."

TheOtherTink Virginia

Yes, Virginia, maybe these things are possible, but we just don't have any reliable evidence yet, so they remain speculations. Perhaps there are infinitely many universes too.

"In my Father's house are many mansions."  (italics added)

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Hope not.