If you could choose any age to be the rest of your life how old would you then want to be?

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Jan 2, 2016 in Arts & Humanities by amberleechoo (19,060 points)
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Ancient_Hippy Jan 2, 2016
I'd like to be 16, it was the "age of Aquarius", the music was great, gas was cheap, the girls wore miniskirts and muscle cars cost about 4 grand. Great time to live.
Roy Munson Ancient_Hippy Jan 2, 2016
you said it!
Didge Ancient_Hippy Jan 2, 2016
If I can echo the words of a visiting American speaker, "The 60s were a fantasy." But a nice fantasy, Hippy. I enjoyed 'em too.
amberleechoo Jan 2, 2016
Like 19 would be very nice and younger than 25.
Skunky Stinkerson Jan 2, 2016
UNEEQ Jan 2, 2016

I think I would like to be 22 years old forever.  

Jan 2, 2016
28. Young enough to do fool hardy things, old enough to be considered respectable.
Platinum Jan 2, 2016
About 35 would be a perfect age....I read a book some years ago called " Life on the Other Side " and in heaven everyone was 30 as they said it was the perfect age....
Didge Jan 2, 2016
For me life really did begin at 40. I chucked a long-term job I hated, lost about 30 pounds, got into triathlon, started writing, and generally came alive. So my perfect age would be 45.
Freeranger Jan 2, 2016

This......was easy.

Violent Acres Freeranger Apr 2, 2016

I'm still doing that today.

Steven Jan 3, 2016

27 smiley

MidnightCowboy Jan 7, 2016

I would prefer the age of 5 because I would have that magical belief in Santa Claus.

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