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Here in Tamil Nadu, India, there is a non-political organization named "TNTJ" founded by P. Jainulabdeen. The motive of the organization is to teach "true" Islam to Tamil speaking people. Since many of the Muslims here practice ancestor worship which is against Islam.

P. Jainulabdeen is a good speaker and has attracted many Muslims from other Muslim organization into his organization. He knows only Tamil if he known English then he might have a lot of fan following from all over the world.

In many of his speeches, he advised Muslim men not to work in abroad leaving their wive alone. He also insisted them to install CCTV camera in homes, He also talked in stages that a man and women shouldn't be alone. There can be 3 men and a woman (or) 2 women and a man which is not a problem during interaction in private.

He also removed other senior leaders of his organization claiming that they have involved in illegal affairs. Making them as his enemies.

But now some of his voice recordings have leaked in which he had the sexual conversation with married Muslim women (mutual consent) who came to study Quran to his organization. At the end of one of the audio, he even seems to have sexual activity with a woman and her child.

He had talked about death sentence to rapist. There are several priests got caught with rape but what I wonder here is, he had done everything that he talked against boldly in front of thousands of people.

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Kind of sounds like some of our politicians, Dan.

Say one thing and do another!

It is true. 
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Dan, here is my own experience: And that is, you cannot take anybody's word for religious or spiritual matters...no matter what. We must each take full responsibility for our own life, so we can listen to other people but then we must make up our own mind.

So if someone is saying they have the "true" Islam or the "true" Christianity or Hinduism or Judaism or whatever, that immediately puts me on my guard. If someone REALLY lives the truth in their life, they don't go around talking about it...they just live it.


Real believers don't talk about religion too much and they are not aggressive. 


That is true, Kninjanin.

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Politicians lie because they want to attract people to vote for them. Many people believe them.

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Religious hypocrites are quite common, especially if they have a large following.

And afterwards, Swaggart did it again. :D


In a debate, they claim the bible has reference to sexual/porn. They are referring to this - https://biblia.com/bible/esv/song-of-solomon-1-1--4-16


The Song of Solomon is a love poem about two people who are madly, deliriously, in love. I don't think it's porn.

7:9 May the wine go straight to my beloved,
      flowing gently over lips and teeth.
10 I belong to my beloved,
    and his desire is for me.
11 Come, my beloved, let us go to the countryside,
    let us spend the night in the villages.
12 Let us go early to the vineyards
    to see if the vines have budded,
if their blossoms have opened,
    and if the pomegranates are in bloom—
    there I will give you my love.
13 The mandrakes send out their fragrance,
    and at our door is every delicacy,
both new and old,
    that I have stored up for you, my beloved.