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Did you know that there is officially now, an Online Disinhibition Effect?

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Aug 7 in Computer Networking by Virginia (7,565 points)

The Online Disinhibition Effect is classified into Toxic vs. Benign, with some gray areas, and even has its own Wikipedia page!

3 Answers

Kninjanin Aug 7

I didn't know.

Rooster Aug 7

I'm not surprised in the least. It's been well known to many of us for years now. You can see it on all kinds of sites with different people.

I've learned over the years to "read" a lot of people and can usually pick out the phonies pretty quickly. There are plenty of them on almost every website I've been on with the exception of this one.

We may be few but we are true!

Virginia Rooster Aug 8

Yay, I Have Solved, Yay Dan

TheOtherTink Aug 7

Oh, yes... I have often seen people say things anonymously online that they would hardly say to anyone's face.  Online disinhibition is real enough.

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