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Will this website have some new features?

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Aug 9 in Doubts by Kninjanin (3,583 points)

3 Answers

Virginia Aug 9

Kninjanin, I will just wait until Dan sees your question, he will perhaps tell us his plans?

So few of us here now on a regular basis, but I enjoy the connection with every single person here!

Rooster Aug 10

As Virginia said: Perhaps if Dan wishes to add anything to the site. I really don't see a need for any but you can use the "Feedback" on the bottom of the page to contact them and make any suggestions that you may have. Dan does listen!

Dan Aug 11

What features do you want exactly?

Kninjanin Dan Aug 11

Blogs, photo and video sharing

Dan Dan Aug 11

There is a basic blog functionality on this site but I have disabled it since it is not so good. This site doesn't have the photo and video sharing. It is possible to create an entirely different site with those features which involves time and some money. Maybe we can try one in the future.

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