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Sometimes, I try to find someone I find on one website on other websites. I want to know more information about him/her to know if he/she lie about himself/herself.

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I looked for and found a few old friends from SodaHead, but then they mostly disappeared again.

Some of them are on Facebook, but I don't like FB and don't use it.


The little alarm bells during regular interaction, would have to go off in order for me to dig deeper.  And, coming from a certain world of training, I listen to my instincts when those little hairs rise on the back of my neck.  ;)

Very seldom have I ever felt that need.  As to a reverse of that.....and more to the point without giving locale's and identities away, there's a woman in Northern Europe whom parted ways with me who, in another universe, was like a second skin with me.  Some things became rocky and in the end, she departed angrily and I was never allowed to fully explain myself before she left.  It's been what....a year? and she remains an aching in my soul.  I miss her. I wish she would come back as, she knows I'm "around" among the websites we both frequented.  And yet, I get it.  A choice made.

I hope some time, she will surprise me and reappear.  Until that time, I continue to turn my face in to the wind to hear the voices.


I've looked for a few from other sites here and there and sometimes find some but not very often. Some just seem to disappear and I never see and hear from them again.

Then there are are a couple I stay in contact with all the time.

Kind of a hit and miss thing but I really don't go searching for many as most have my e-mail and could contact me if they really wanted too.

I actually like meeting new people when I have time, which isn't much lately.


Sometimes, I may rarely find them when browsing the internet. If I can recognize them. When reading the comments of a Youtube video, I'm surprised to find Rooster's comment there.


Kninjanin Dan

I don't know if he is a person from this website. 

Rooster Dan

@Dan: No, that's not me. Different Rooster. :D

Dan Dan

oh ok. :D I always thought you are the one in your profile picture. Just learned that it was the character from an old movie.