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I just started investing in the Indian NSE stock exchange and it actually went down but I hope it will be up in the future. Looks like American stock markets are going up.

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I dabble in it sometimes and have been investing in some stocks for many years. Not always with the best results but I stay with it when I can. I have a man that I've known for many years handle it now and it's been getting better the last couple of years. I let him handle any and all of my investments.


Yes, via low-load mutual index funds (S&P 500).


No. I don't do it. 


Used to have fun speculating with small amounts.  Win some, lose some!  Now Iʻm too old to gamble like that so I have a person who handles everything and some of it is in index funds.  He keeps a good mix overall that provides safety with a bit of growth.

James M. Lindgren

No , i dont.