Do you see invalid certificates on some websites?

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Oct 21 in Websites by Kninjanin (3,703 points)

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TheOtherTink Oct 21

Yes, sometimes. I don't open them if I get the warning.

Dan TheOtherTink Oct 22

You may get an invalid (or) warning for insecure connection for some of the pages on this website. It is because of the "insecure external images" on the particular page.

Insecure image links start with "http://" and the secured image links start with "https://". You can see this page is secure but if someone adds an image which starts with http:// then it will become insecure.

I use some of them like or

Rooster Oct 22

Yes, I've seen them here and there.

There should be one on the mess they made out of A-Rite!

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