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How many of you had a stack?  I did.  Tell us a funny anecdote, character you enjoyed, or article that made you laugh.

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Some editions included extras such as a record...

I haven´t seen that magazine before.
I had more than one stack and am reminded nearly daily of things they ridiculed that are now fact.

"Built in obsolescence" comes to mind, as well as others...

How I wish I still had my stack.  I don't know about you, but this Summer, I picked one up off the rack while walking by and.............totally disappointed.
It jusst ain't the same.
Nothing is.
Never read it...
Freeranger Platinum
oh the horror!!!   ha, ha.....probably  THE greatest satirical American magazine ever devised

Maybe our next President ! Sure couldn't hurt !


I bought a pile of those at a second-hand store when I worked in the Northern part of my country. I didn't know anyone up there, and those magazines helped me through an otherwise dark, cold Winter.

Great fun! They were all from the 70s. Had many laughs.

One of many favourites was the "The Shadow Knows" by Sergio Aragones


I remember when I was a kid that MAD magazine was the rage.  

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for those of us who've never grown up.....it still is. ;)