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Many foreigners visit Europe if you have, where and when and did you like it...

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Yeah, I've been to a lot of places in Europe, including the UK, Germany, Italy, and Greece.
Yeah I live in Sweden and the countries I been to in Europe are Spain, the islands Mallorca and Gran Canaria, Germany, Norway, Denmark, England and on an airport in Iceland and I liked Gran Canaria the most.
Platinum amberleechoo
That's an unusual choice, Grand Canaria....is just a beach resort, against cities like ..London Madrid Paris Lisbon and Rome ..they are all beautiful...
amberleechoo amberleechoo
I have been there a few times and it feels more like home to me than the other places and I really like it there.
No, I've never been to Europe but would sure like to visit.
England, Scotland, Norway, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and Liechtenstein.

Never triste

I live in Norway, and have visited Sweden, Denmark, Germany, England, Poland, Russia, Lithauania, Latvia, Estonia, Italy and Iceland.
England, Scotland, Turkey, Germany, Italy, Austria

I liked Inverness, Scotland, and Amesbury, England.

I am living in Europe - lol.


And there is still a lot to see!


I have not been to Europe but I sure would love to visit there.

Sean McDonald

Nope but I would like toΒ