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I've tried Amirite and Blurtit since SodaHead closed. 

Thanks for the invite!   ;*)

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Currently, the old Sodahead members are in 8 different sites.
Bruno56 Dan
Which sites? (other than the facebook ones)
Dan Dan
Facebook (2 groups)
Skunky Stinkerson Dan
funkiehead is closing soon.
Dan Dan
Since no one is using it.
Cal Dan

Has anyone tried to advertise this place? I just randomly found it today...

The community might unite if it has a place to go. This place is damn near a SH clone.

I dont know SodaHead.

But I used Yahoo Answers.
Dan Steven
Sodahead was a place where members can share opinions and vote on polls but it was closed suddenly without any intimation. You can check the old SH site here - http://web.archive.org/web/20130103115514/http://www.sodahead.com/
Steven Steven
It looked nice.
I am sorry that no longer exists.
It appears to have been selling.
Dan Steven
Yeah, it was a better site than all other sites and I still wonder why they close it.
Darkest Serenity Steven
I didn't realize we had it so good
that was my first Q&A Site
I thought all Sites had more or less
the same Format

 SH kicked us out on our Ass  , how wrong could I be  smh
Skunky Stinkerson Steven
we did have it so good on sodahead (we just didn't realize it at the time)... i think that very few  former sodaheads are gunna move on and let the past go... i know i may never  let it go because the site was a huge part of my life for 2 years. during the darkest, most painful period of my life... i've had soo many good laughs and i still miss some of my friends that i will never speak with again :'(

 We might not ever find the perfect site that we will love just as much as SH.. unless someone literally clones sodahead's UI (which i doubt will happen).. aimrite is the closest thing but they need to change the UI and get rid of some of the clutter.
i have found some closed groups on FB  select carefully though
CherriViola Steven
Can someone please copy the UI....please? image

Very true

I tried about 10 sites after the demise of Sodahead. Amirite.Com is the only I have stuck with.

Skunky Stinkerson
ive tried some..

the only site i've stuck with is blurtit (i've deleted all my other accounts)

 im trying ihavesolved for the first time right now and so far. im not sure what i think about it since i haven't really explored it yet...
Darkest Serenity
Skunky!  hi ya  *waving*
Skunky Stinkerson
hey Serenity :D just here trying things out... this site is better than amirite in my opinion so i might use this along with blurtit... nice to see you here :D
Darkest Serenity
It's Nice to see you here Skunky :D , yeah me to
Dan came to Askaholics and invited us yesterday
I tire of the BS on Amirite now.

I just wanna laugh and someone always has to be a Dick
Skunky Stinkerson
LOL... this site will be nice i think... i'm just not feeling amirite (i hate that site with a passion lol)... so i deleted my account again after re-trying it a couple of weeks ago.

what i like about this site is how the notifications aren't overwhelming and i  like the layout better than amirite... (amirite's colour scheme is dark/dingy, and depressing. i jsut hate that site)

i think i will use this site co-side with blurtit... this is it. i ain't trying antmore sites xD i will try and get sister jean here.
Darkest Serenity
Oh I am feeling you  lolz  I've deactivated and so has Platinum , so I reckon it's a lot quieter without us Cheeky Brits on there.
Our Friends do miss us , so I'm getting them over here one by one.

The color scheme on Askaholics is better tbh  this , all this White gives me a Headache
my scheme on Amirite was Purple  which I Love.

hahaha   I have heard that before Skunky , from my Friends

"Serenity this is it , no more Sites babe  , we are dizzy"  :P
Amirite blows this site away. This is just another blurtit but it is early days for this site. I hate the color scheme on this site and it is seriously lacking in many features. I can't join any site like this that doesn't have a way of blocking users.

I kind of wish people would work on making Amirite a better site than jumping from one site to the next.
Amirite is 1000 times better than this site. Better options, nicer color schemes, better chat, better profile pages and a great blocking feature. This site is just another blurtit. I can't even find a way on here to delete my account. This site feels only half completed.
Darkest Serenity
Tiff it's not like any of us have not tried making suggestions that would improve the Site
I have not seen ONE upgrade on Amirite , they have no share feature and that annoys me the most.

Dan is one Guy who has Created this Site for US SODAHEADS and I'm willing to give this a chance *smiling*
You mean share to other websites? It has that.
Darkest Serenity
No , I mean to share with you and my other Friends on AM
I invite each Person , it's so f*cking tedious and completely unnecessary.
Oh gotcha. Never had the urge to do that myself so I guess I don't think about it.
Tiff..."ONLY HALF COMPLETED"...Give it a chance,,,I see LOTS of potential'
This site is only two weeks old!...Have you ever used the way-back machine to see what SodaHead, Amirite or Blurtit looked like when they started?
Or even a few years after they started?
Skunky Stinkerson
its just that. Amirite staff don't listen to their users (i've made the same suggestions over and over for several months, still no improvements).. i think that the profile design on IHaveSolved  is one of the nicest i've seen (its simple, straightforward. no clutter), plus, i like how this site is white and bright.. its not dark and depressing. with a bulky/cluttered UI.. Amirite is like a fraternal twin to sodahead but it didn't click with me like this site does. i loved Ihavesolved the moment i tried it...

 Blurtit never clicked with me either so it took me a good few months to like it (i stayed because of the nice users, and its streamlined/simple design).. i didn't stick it out with amirite because the site would make my depression even worse.
Skunky Stinkerson
of course. i don't expect any former sodahead members to join blurtit.. although.. a few have.. but blurtit isn't really what x-sodahead members are looking for.. its more like yahoo answers (not an opinion/poll site but it is quite flexable). i think that IHaveSolved  has huge potential but most x-sodaheads are tired of trying new sites so it will be hard to get them here.
The staff has helped me out on a few problems I had with Amirite so I have no issues with all that. Worse thing about Amirite is the anons but this site will end up exactly the same. You can almost guarantee that.
Yes...Blurtit has nice users...maybe some will find this site better...many of them came from Ask.com when they shut down...so they haven't all been there any longer than you or I.

On Blurtit, to put an image in a reply It takes some manual html coding in the response block and you must pull the image from a source on the internet.

I like to have fun with images and this site can display them 10 times larger than the tiny ones on Amirite.

This site has GREAT POTENTIAL!
I got bullied on Blurtit on the first day I joined haha. I didn't even make a post. Someone sent me a message to 'quit the site or else' so I did.

Images display full size on Amirite for me so it must be your set-up. I am using Firefox with the Thumbnail Zoom extension.
Skunky Stinkerson
they probably thought you're an Askeeges refugee. i know that some of the orginal blurtiters were sending bad messages to ask.com peoples. i had a couple of bad messages myself but i just ignored them. i was bullied quite a bit during the first few days on that site.

Ask.com people's were flodding in,  whinning and complaing about stuff. the original blurtiters were getting pissed off at the ask.com peoples for a short period.
That is possible. The same thing happened on the TeamNetworks. In both cases it was extreme conservative people that attacked. It wasn't just me either as it happened to several users at the same time. The TeamNetworks site was a funny one because someone told me that 'my kind of people were not welcome on the site' lol.
Skunky Stinkerson
LMAO. well. i think there's always gunna be tention when foreign people from another site come along and take over, bringing their ways with them..(it takes time for original members to adjust)

(when i first met the ask.com peoples. i even thought some were annying at first LOL, all they did was complain and whine  about how they wanted strickter rules and less fun questions)
(some of the original blurtiters messaged me, telling me how much they disliked the ask.comers)
I joined Blurtit on July 4th and never felt unwelcomed.
Darkest Serenity
Wow! The Blurts and the Asklings welcomed me with Open Arms until I pissed them off for not understanding the Rules of the Site  , then I told them to "Bite me"    lolz
Darkest Serenity
Wanna bet
I can mute their comments or kick off any Abusive Anons now Tiff

This is a Nice Site with great potential , not gonna let Idiot Trolls  etc
 just ruin it for others who just want to have fun and discuss
Skunky Stinkerson
LOL. i was in the same boat..i didn't understand the rules either and kept getting bitched at the first week or soo by the mods.. both of us were the bad azzes of the site hahaha!!
Skunky Stinkerson
@Serenity, how did you become a site mod??
Darkest Serenity
Dan asked me the day I joined and I woke up today and saw he had made me a Mod
I'm on TROLL PATROL Skunky    lolz
Skunky Stinkerson
delete all of the phaet cult members if they come here LMAO, you're so lucky.. you have so much control mwuahahahaha.
Darkest Serenity
hahaha   I'm a Bad Ass on any Site , they get on the Wrong side of me but I did go back and we get along fine now :D
Darkest Serenity
lolz Behave Skunky :P

lolz wish I could post Cartman    "RESPECT MY AUTHORITAE"    XD
Skunky Stinkerson
LMAO.. i will try to behave ;D but mind you. you can make the Phaets say nice things about us now that you can edit comments.. if they do come here hehehe
Darkest Serenity
*giggling my ass off*    Don't mention them or all Hell will break loose

Speak of the Devil and he shall appear
Skunky Stinkerson
oh man LOL im laughing my head too right now.. too funny xD but yeah, its best not to mention them anymore. don't wanna bring negativity and satan here. you will do great as a mod :D
Darkest Serenity
I hope so Skunky
I can only try my best and I have all you lot supporting me :D




Mention who? Serenity?

You invited me a while ago and here I am!

Darkest Serenity

@  JMP   ............   the Phaets of course 

and about time to , we need things shaking up around here and you're just the Goat to do it  :D now if we can get some more Characters over like Chloe , this site will be fun 

We'll see
Darkest Serenity

SAY   @ Ser  for eg .........the Name to Name feature needs tinkering with JMP , or no one will have a clue who you are talking to 

Darkest Serenity

I've wandered the most out of all my Friends and been on over 15 Sites 

I even joined Second Life which is Visually Stunning but not a Q&A Site 

just a Hang out for us Vampires.  

Rooster Darkest Serenity
Hello Serenity. Long time no see ! Used to see you on blurit.
Hello Rooster :D
Darkest Serenity
Oh yeah, I tried that one too, but since they would have made me pay to have my pistol (accessory) I left.
lolz you wanted your Gun on Second Life
You mean to tell me members are walking around Armed
Darkest Serenity
Got a problem with that?
lolz  Gun are ya kiddin me
I've got Fangs in my Virtual World

the Normals run away from the Vampires  , it's funny
Darkest Serenity
They run away from me too.
@ Gun  lolz
Skunky Stinkerson
ive tried some..
amirite .com

the only site i've stuck with is blurtit (i've deleted all my other accounts, im staying with this site too)
Today I find a new Sodahead site but it is a invite only network - teamnetworks.net. I wonder how many are there.
Skunky Stinkerson Dan
that site looks dull and boring... the last question asked was several days ago.
Darkest Serenity Dan
@  Skunky  there was
an error
on TNW
as you went
down the
the tex
t jus
t w
t to
e Le
e c

hahaha   I complained and was told by other members , it had been like it since they had joined  XD

drove me Nutz



ihavesolved (I think this looks like the one that's going to win out.)
Skunky Stinkerson
i think soo too but we need to get more people on board. it has great potential. Dan has something special going on here.

Yeah it's very similar to Sodahead, or at leastimage has a Sodahead feel to it.

dru tiger
Askaholic, Amirite, and Blurtit. I like Amirite except for some jerks on it.
Darkest Serenity dru tiger
@ Dru  

" rel="nofollow">http://o.aolcdn.com/dims-shared/dims3/GLOB/crop/3011x2000+0+0/resize/1200x797!/format/jpg/quality/85/

How right you are my friend  smh

Luckily, this Site came along.

dru tiger MidnightCowboy
Amirite is a pretty good one too. :) Good to see you here.
@ MC   You settled in fast  :)

I use Blurtit, Yahoo Answers, Quora and ihavesolved.