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No I never known someone who has.


No, I don't know anyone who is a member of a cult unless someone is keeping it a secret from me.


One has to careful about how one defines the word cult.

For example, I've heard the Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons referred to as cults, but of course the members would not agree.

If by "cult" you mean one of the groups that committed mass suicide, then no, I haven't known anyone like that. I do/did know one or two Satan worshipers however.

Darkest Serenity

Yes *trapped for years She was*  and the stories I have heard from her *shudder*

Total Mind Control of Fragile Minds.

Same Group of People came up to me in a Train Station when I was 18 and started talking to me about their Family *Air quotes* don't know whether I looked upset or what but they must go for those who look Vulnerable.

I just smiled politely ,  told them that I had to hurry and meet my Friends for a Night out.

 Saw them again once I was with my Friends and pointed them out to them 

 My Friend told me they were a Cult. 

I think I said something Sarcastic like  "Well I didn't think they were a Youth Club babe"  lolz

A Narrow escape , me thinks :)

Witch Doctor

Ya, Wakalakala! 

Hoodoo mama Juju and her chicken factory!


Yes, but that's his/her choice.


A cult doesn't have to be religious affiliated