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I didn't vote for him the first two times.

Maybe I would vote for him if his opponent were Stalin.

Better Trotsky than Stalin, I always say.   :-)



Tee Quake

Only if I was insane, a communist, a radical Muslim, jihadist, "L.I.V.", anti-American, believed in wealth redistribution and using "manmade global warming" as an excuse, wanted the NWO, didn't find BENGHAZI repulsive, did not mind the mess he has made of the Mideast and Northern Africa, don't mind that he wants illegal aliens to flood this country together with as many Muslims as possible, while almost banning ALL Christian refugees, don't mind that he lies about the part Muslims played in founding the United States, or, thought I'd become very rich because of his largess to certain industries and individuals: "Green Movement", eg. Solyndra; or, ObamaCare being "rolled-out" in a disastrous mess by his wife's college roommate's husband's Canadian company [when two Silicon Valley young adults did a better job in one weekend, for free]); ETC! With the Usurper-in-Office it is one "seemingly bad decision after the other", until you look closer and realize everything Obama has done, to the gross detriment of the United States of America, he did covertly and ON PURPOSE! He took an Oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, and his highest duty was to always do what is best for the American people, and Obama has done the exact opposite of BOTH! How could ANYONE vote for Obama OR EVEN someone like HILLARY CLINTON who broke so many laws for Obama (and herself), we will probably NEVER unearth all the treason they committed until they are ancient history! 

TheOtherTink Tee Quake

Now, now Tee, let's be fair.  When Obama said Muslims helped found the US, he must have meant the role the Barbary Pirates played in causing the US Navy to be greatly enlarged by the Naval Act of 1794, which included the building of "Old Ironsides", the USS Constitution, the most famous American ship of her time.

In fact, I think I'll write a history text to point out this important contribution, but with contemporary PC understanding, emphasizing that the Muslim pirates were only trying to help us prepare for the War of 1812 against those racist, jingoistic, capitalistic, plutocratic, slave-trading British colonialists.   It should be very well received by our public education establishment.

Tee Quake Tee Quake

"I see", said the blind man (and wise woman) as they took off their hammer and saw! I thought MAObama was referring to Arab traders of African slaves to the Confederacy, as part of a Muslim plan to start the Civil War and free all the slaves they sold - selflessly giving-up one of their most lucrative means to wealth. I mean. gee whiz, Tink, petroleum had not even been discovered by Arabs, yet, and there wasn't even a demand! HECK, even MAObama's, "man made global warming" wasn't an issue. Perhaps this is why Arabs set out to discover gasoline automobiles, big ocean liners, and all the other vehicles driven by petroleum and its derivatives, like Arab space ships and labs?

TheOtherTink Tee Quake

Tee, you hit the nail on the head!

NASA administrator Bolden said the very same things a few years ago, about Muslim contributions to science and engineering.


The man should have been indicted for treason a very long time ago.   He hates American.  He hates our Military.  And he sides with those that would kill us all because we are the 'infidels'..

Roy Munson

never voted for him to begin with!

Can't I am Canadian. But if I was American, I would.